“The Cosby Show” (1985)

Alicia Keys as: Maria (Rudy’s friend) – credited as Alicia Cook
Episode: Slumber Party (1×22)
Original Air Date: March 28, 1985

Episode Summary
When Rudy announces she’s bored, Cliff arranges for her friends to come over for a slumber party and then gets stuck entertaining the kids.


“The Adventures of Pete & Pete” (1993)

Alicia Keys as: a student (uncredited)
Episode: Tool and Die (1×05)
Original Air Date: December 26, 1993

Episode Summary
Big Pete signs up for shop class thinking it to be a usual class. However, Mr. Slurm, the shop teacher, has it in for him and chooses Big Pete to build a “special project”. Elsewhere, Little Pete sells insurance cards to other students.


“American Dreams” (2003)

Alicia Keys as: Fontella Bass
Episode: Rescue Me (2×06)
Original Air Date: November 2, 2003

Episode Summary
Roxanne’s relationship with Lenny begins to heat up as things are pushed to the next level. JJ’s relationship with Diane, the mysterious woman from the bar takes an unexpected turn when he finds out who’s wife she is. Meg must take a long hard look at her relationship with Drew after finding out that he is seeing other people. Jack wants Helen to quit her job after finding out that Will’s surgery will be funded by the March of Dimes. The Walkers must put their lives back together after the death of their mother.


“The Proud Family” (2004)

Alicia Keys as: Herself (voice)
Episode: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (3×05)
Original Air Date: December 5, 2004

Episode Summary
Wizard Kelly puts on a “Tween Idol” contest with celebrity judge Alicia Keys. Penny learns that the contest is fixed so that the beautiful LaCienega’s wins over the homely – but more talented – Agatha Ordinario.


“Sesame Street” (2005)

Alicia Keys as: Herself
Episode: The Adventures of Little Big Bird, Part 2 (Episode #4108)
Original Air Date: December 30, 2005

Episode Summary
Alicia Keys appeared with Elmo in a Healthy Moment to show how moving your body is a great way to be healthy and strong.


“The Backyardigans” (2006)

Alicia Keys as: Boinga’s Mom (voice)
Episode: Mission to Mars (2×01)
Original Air Date: October 9, 2006

Episode Summary
When the Backyardigans receive a strange signal originating from Mars, Uniqua, Pablo and Austin blast off to investigate. They’re backed up by Tyrone and Tasha, who remain on Earth to assist at Mission Control. The Backyardigans leave prepared for anything, but encounter some surprises along the way. They don’t give up, however, and eventually make a surprising discovery regarding the source of the signal.


“Cane” (2007)

Alicia Keys as: Herself
Episode: One Man Is an Island (1×07)
Original Air Date: November 6, 2007

Episode Summary
Pancho finally reveals the truth about Lucia’s death to Frank. Meanwhile, while coming up with a plan to save the rum company, Alex discovers incriminating evidence about the Samuels.


“Elmo’s Christmas Countdown” (2007)

Alicia Keys as: Herself
Original Air Date: December 23, 2007

Sesame Street characters help Elmo count down the days leading up to Christmas.
Alicia Keys appeared with Elmo singing “Do You Hear What I Hear?”.


Dove “Fresh Takes”  (2008)

Alicia Keys as: Alex
Episodes: Dating by Committee; Just Chillax; Who’s Your Mama?; Bridesmaid Revisitede; All Work and No Play
Original Air Dates: March 24 – April 21, 2008 (Mondays) during the break of the serie “The Hills”.

The micro-series follows three girlfriends (Alex, Diane and Lizzie) as they embark on their adult lives juggling the pressures of being a 20-something woman – career, relationship, beauty, family and friends – all intensified by their own critical inner voice. Amidst these pressures, friendship, humor and honesty help them realize a wider definition of success and ultimately feel beautiful. This series celebrates the launch of new Dove go fresh – a fragrance-driven product collection.

Main Characters

  • Alex (Alicia Keys): Fearless, fun and always falling in love, the stylish Alex works at a trendy music PR firm
  • Diane (Desi Lydic): Type A personality, she is focused and ambitious, although her friends urge her to loosen up
  • Lizzie (Jessalyn Wanlim): The “lost” friend struggling to find who she is and what she wants to do with her life