ADDED BY Natalie ON June 2, 2016

Hello AKfam! It’s been a while! We have finally decided to be back! Our site got revamped and we have now two working language versions – english and polish. We want to celebrate the fact our website is almost 15 years old!! Yes, we’ve been with Alicia since the very beginning and we feel it’s right about time we continue our support.

Since our Facebook page was hacked make sure to like our Facebook Alicia Keys Poland!

ADDED BY Natalie ON July 1, 2014

Hi! It’s been a while!! I hope you didn’t forget about us! After some technical issues AKD is back online!! Althrough the years have passed and we got much less time for the site than we used to – nothing is going to stop us from running this site! It’s been 13 yars (!!!) and I literally don’t image to just close it. That’s why I’ve decided to make it even better! From now on make sure to follow us on all social media (find links in the footer and navigation) and make sure to check our site! We will try to give you as much updates as possible! We’re still trying to rebuild our photo gallery. If you got any pictures (photoshoots, magazine scans) that are missing please contact us:! Any kind of help is much welcomed!!